07 12 / 2010

Hey all,  sorry for the delay in getting this done. That said, please read theme email I received from our record label last night.  Yes, this means we will have some high res versions of the new song up for download.  As long as you have your dropcard still hands you will be able to snag these newer/better versions at no additional cost! 

If you have any issues hit me up - brendan.brown@spintunnel.com and I will try my best to help you out!

Take care:

Hey Brendan,

I’ve got 3 different versions of “Weightless Underwater” ready to go up on the Dropcards site. Please find them below…and let me know which ones you and the guys would like to have posted. We should have no issues with the space (aka hosting the files on Dropcards) so if you want to throw up more then one version, just let me know.

MP3 (320kbps)
FLAC (320kbps)

When you give me the go ahead, I will throw the files up on the Dropcards site…then feel free to blast out on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc. letting fans know that they can re-enter their Dropcards code & grab the new/hi-res files.

I hope this will resolve the issue some of the fans had with the lower quality MP3 that was originally put up there…these updated files all sound great.

Thanks man!

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